do hair extensions ruin your hair

Do hair extensions ruin your hair? You may be thinking about it if you have never used extensions before but want to try.

Hair extensions, whether synthetic or human, are added to your natural hair in order to make it fuller and longer.

They can be worn in so many different styles and lengths that they can take your look from casual to formal.

It is incredible, isn’t it?

It truly is. But as the cliché goes, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” so proceed with caution. So, can hair extensions ruin your hair?

Yes, they can cause some damage to your hair if not worn properly, so work with a professional, and you can keep enjoying long, luscious strands.

Tip: Ensure your hair is clean and free of any dirt, debris, or hair product buildup before you go for any hair extensions. 

Do Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair or Not?

hair extensions ruin hair

Hair extensions can indeed make your hair look longer and fuller. But, they can also cause harm and hair loss, at least that is what you think of hearing horror stories online.

Can it truly be that bad?

It is true that there are various precautions and aftercare guidelines you should adhere to when getting hair extensions. However, it is not quite as bad as some of the things you read online.

But, why exactly people think extensions can hurt their natural hair?

When women wear extensions, they typically have to keep their natural hair tightly pushed back, which can be damaging.

A person’s hair follicles might be damaged by repeated pulling, resulting in hair breakage and possible bald spots.

Once hair follicles have been destroyed, new hair can’t grow, and the hair loss will be irreversible.

But, why not pay attention to picking lighter extensions and fixing this only issue to continue enjoying your new hair without worrying?

Really, invest in high-end extensions, wear them properly, and you will never face any issues.

Tip: Be sure to switch up hairstyles regularly and have "extension-free" days to ensure you don't end up ruining your hair. 
hair extension headache

Will Hair Extensions Ruin Hair and Cause Headaches?

Not really!

This is a peculiar yet surprisingly widespread misconception about clip-in or taped extensions. This often makes people ask, “do tape-in extensions ruin your hair?”

Headaches are not a normal side effect of wearing hair extensions.

And if you are experiencing them, it is likely because you tried to connect your own clip-ins or your extensions were not fitted properly.

Clip-in users can be excessive with their use of the product.

Many people make the mistake of attempting to install too many hairpieces at once. It can lead to the extensions feeling too heavy and even causing pain.

However, a professional will always fit your extensions considering the weight to ensure the extra hair is both comfy and unobtrusive.

The more you use them, the more at home they will seem, until you realize you cannot live without them! 

Will Your Extensions Result in Dry Hair?

hair extension result to dry hair

It can happen – but only by ignoring the reality that your hair, including any extensions, needs maintenance regularly. 

How to Prevent It?

  • Pick a hypoallergenic shampoo suitable for your hair’s texture
  • Avoid rubbing it too vigorously when shampooing your hair
  • Try to stay away from oils to avoid softening keratin bonds and tapes
  • Do not overlook the need to nourish and hydrate your hair
  • Always brush your hair, working your way up from the ends to the roots
Tip: Take steps to protect your wispy baby hairs as they are fragile, and improper use of extensions can damage them. 

Do Hand-Tied Extensions Ruin Your Hair and Cause Hair Loss?

So many people are worried about it because there are claims about hand-tied extensions causing a condition called traction alopecia.

While improper use of extensions can take a toll on your natural hair, it does not always cause serious side effects like traction alopecia.

But, even if you are worried about it, you can easily avoid it. 

result to hair loss

Preventing Hair Loss

Regrowing lost hair is more difficult than avoiding hair loss, to begin with.

You can do many things if you have extensions or are thinking about having them to reduce the risk of traction alopecia. 

Pick Your Hairstyle Carefully

Any haircut that pulls at the roots increases the risk of traction alopecia.

It may happen with dreadlocks and tight ponytails in addition to extensions. But, simply avoiding certain styles would work.

Give Your Extensions a Break

If you are worried about ruining your hair, give your extensions short breaks between use.

If you wear extensions, for instance, try to limit their duration so that your hair is not subjected to excessive tension.

And if they start to hurt or irritate you, take them off right away. 

Get the Right Type of Extensions

The quality of the extensions you purchase is also important.

right type of hair extensions

Adding length to your hair can be done in several ways. A number of these, nevertheless, are harmful extensions for your hair. 


If you want hair extensions but the fear of losing hair is on your mind, just avoid micro-loop or microbead extensions.

This is the riskiest type of hair extension, which can lead to serious complications, especially when your natural hair is already damaged.

Here, the strands are linked with metal loops, which, if not done properly, might cause headaches due to the added weight and root weakness. 


 Does less damage occur with tape-in hair extensions?

We doubt that!

In any case, it is not the most secure way of extension available, especially when you are overly concerned about hair loss.

Here, tapes are used to secure the expanded strands to your natural hair; one goes at the top and another at the bottom.

Your individual strands make up the “meat” in this metaphorical sandwich.

tape in extension

If you want your hair extensions to look completely natural, the tape-in approach is not for you.

Likewise, if you have thin hair, the tape-in method will not work for you. 

Sew-In Extensions

If you want to add length and thickness to your hair, a sew-in weave is a way to go instead of glued hair extensions.

Braiding your own hair in horizontal rows over your head prepares it for the insertion of sewn-in hair extensions.

After that, wefts of hair are woven into the braid with thread and needle. What you get are safer, longer-lasting extensions. 

Keratin Fusions

To prevent hair loss, you need to limit the scalp’s tugging force, which is when fusion extensions can help.

Discuss using almost undetectable, feather-light, hassle-free micro bonds with your hair extension professional to get the best results.

Just keep in mind that if not implanted correctly, large keratin linkages can be quite uncomfortable. 


Clip-in hair extensions have replaced all other types of hair extensions as the safest option.

clip in extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a short-term solution for those who want longer hair (hence, the name).

They present a quick and easy way to update your look for a special occasion or whenever you want to feel more confident.

If you take out the clips as soon as you get home, your real hair will not suffer any damage.

Unfortunately, clip-ins serve as a short-term solution, so you cannot use them permanently. You may have to go with hand-tied wefts or fusions if you want to experiment with your hair’s length for a while.

So, what is the point here?

You will be better off wearing sewn-in extensions or going with clip-ins if you are concerned about traction alopecia.

They prevent constant tugging on the scalp, lowering the risk of ruining your hair.

constant scalp tugging
Tip: Always consult a professional stylist because extensions too tight can cause pain or result in hair loss through repetitive pulling. 


Understand that hair extension present one outstanding way to change your look quickly by adding volume to your locks. 

But, it is also natural to worry and ask, “do hair extensions ruin your hair in any way?”

The truth is that they can, when not used correctly or when you pick extensions unsuitable for your natural hair. 

Work with a stylist and let them decide which extensions are perfect for your unique situation. That is the only way to wear them without ruining your hair!

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