can you use color depositing shampoo on uncolored hair

Can you use color depositing shampoo on uncolored hair?

It’s natural to ask this if you want something less substantial than hair dye to temporarily alter the color of your hair.

Or, you may be looking for a good shampoo without affecting the natural hair color. Essentially, color depositing shampoo contains pigments of your hair color.

Not as potent as those in hair dye, the pigments can replenish the color loss in your hair after washing or heat styling.

While depositing shampoos can drastically improve the appearance of previously uncolored hair, don’t expect miracles.

So, can you use color shampoo on uncolored hair?

Yes, you can, but ultimately, you have to consider if you’re trying to replace your hair dye or just want to maintain the existing color.

Tip: No matter the shampoo you use, just avoid washing your hair every day to protect your hair and make any color last longer. 

Can you Use Color Depositing Shampoo on Uncolored Hair without Issue?

can use on the uncolored hair

Yes, it’s possible to use color shampoo on your hair, but remember, it’s only going to change your existing color temporarily.

A lot depends on your base color and the pigments used in the depositing shampoo.

As a rule of thumb, you need to go with darker depositing shampoo if your hair color is dark. 

Is It Okay to Use Color-Depositing Shampoos on Virgin Hair?

You can use a color-depositing shampoo on any hair type. Sure, they’re great for chemically-processed hair and work wonderfully to preserve the vibrancy of hair color between salon appointments.

But, you may want to think twice before using them on virgin hair.

You need to understand that color-depositing shampoos work on porous hair.

It means you must use hair dye first to make your hair more permeable for the depositing shampoo to prove effective. 

How Often Can You Use Color-Depositing Shampoo on Uncolored Hair?

how often use depositing shampoo

Ultimately, it comes down to the formula. In most cases, you should be fine when using a color-depositing shampoo 2-3 times a week.

You can rest easy knowing that the effects will wear off in time because tinted washes don’t have any permanent dye in them.

Still, there are formulas likely to last for four weeks after only one wash. If that’s the case, you can hold off on applying it again until it’s completely gone.

Another consideration is whether or not the use of a more moisturizing shampoo should be interspersed with the help of a pigmented shampoo if the latter tends to be too drying.

Take your time to decide or ask a stylist to suggest something. 

Can You Use Color-Depositing Shampoos on All Hair Types?

Color-depositing shampoos often work well with all hair types, including naturally curly, straight, natural, textured, thick, wavy, fine, colored, or chemically relaxed.

However, some products work better than others with specific hair hues.

For instance, a red-neutralizing shampoo may stain blonde hair, whereas a purple shampoo may do nothing for black hair.

Interestingly, you can also use these shampoos on gray hair. Color pigments in these shampoos aid in covering gray hair.

Remember, adding a little bit of a ‘cooler’ pigment (violet, blue, etc.) can help neutralize the brassiness of grey hair.

Tip: Always use cool water to rinse your hair when using color-depositing shampoo or toning shampoo, for that matter.

What to Consider When Buying Color Depositing Shampoos for Uncolored Hair?

consider when buying color depositor shampoo

If you’re looking for a color-depositing shampoo to replace your semi-permanent dye, you need to consider several things. 

Consider the Existing Hair Color

Before selecting a color-depositing shampoo, you should consider your present hair color.

Depending on the formulation, certain products may only be visible on silver, blonde, or highlighted hair.

Yet others are designed to bring out the best in light hair only. 

What to Know?

You need to know that lighter hair may be discolored by toning shampoos designed to remove unwanted undertones in darker hair.

For people with natural black hair, color-depositing shampoo doesn’t offer much in terms of variety.

There is no way to achieve pastel green hair on black hair with a color depositing shampoo, for instance.

With black as a base color, you can benefit from the depositing shampoo’s highlighting and shading effects. 

 What to Do?

what should you do

We suggest you use a shampoo close to your natural hair color if possible.

This way, you can easily discern between the actual tones of these products.

Consider the Outcome

What you want to achieve through depositing shampoos will help guide you through your purchase. 

What To Do?

Do you want to eliminate the yellowish tones that chemically lightened hair tends to have?

Do you want your ombre or balayage hair to look better without the brassy undertones?

Do you wish to try a new tone, or would you rather just improve your current shade? 

What to Know?

Remember, if your natural hair color is brown, using a depositing shampoo to lighten it will be less effective than if your hair were dark blonde.

Consider the Frequency of Use

the frequency of usage

Also, remember to follow the product’s suggested usage pattern.

While some colored shampoos may be used daily, others must be restricted to only 2-3 times a week. 

What to Know?

Understand that you need to regularly wash your hair with the color depositing shampoo to keep the new shade in place. 

Why Is that the Case?

The reason is that depositing shampoo does not alter hair color.

Instead, it coats the cuticle of your hair with a thin layer of dye. That colored film will be washed out over time.

Therefore, the more frequently you apply it, the longer the shampoo’s effects will persist.

Until you use a different depositing shampoo to return to your natural color or experiment with a new hue!

Tip: Avoid shampooing your freshly colored hair for at least 72 hours to make it last longer. 

Pros and Cons of Using Color Depositing Shampoos

pros and cons of depositing shampoo

 The use of color depositing shampoo is not without its advantages and disadvantages. 

More Breaks between Salon Visits

Does it bother you to visit your salon a bit too frequently?

It’s possible to go longer between salon visits while using this particular shampoo, as it protects hair color.

Shiner, Healthier Hair

When you dye your hair using a color depositing shampoo, your hair retains its shine and vibrancy for longer between coloring sessions.

Because it washes away after a while, you can use it more frequently than hair dye without causing any harm to your hair.

What to Consider?

It’s important to take precautions when using the shampoo because it might leave a stain on your skin, nails, and towels if you’re not careful.

Avoid this by always protecting your hands with gloves.

Additionally, the pigments can leave a mark on your shower wall if not washed off immediately.

Also, keep in mind that many of these shampoos also include drying sulfates.

If you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny, you should apply a conditioner. 

How Do You Choose Between Toning Shampoo and Color-Depositing Shampoo?

how choose betweeen toning and depositing

Understanding the difference between toning and color-depositing shampoo can help you get better results depending on your requirements.

Color-Depositing Shampoo

By now, you know how to use color depositing shampoo to extend the life of your dye job. It’s a great option because the color gradually fades when you wash your hair.

Using a color-depositing shampoo can prevent your hair color from gradually fading over time by depositing tiny amounts of color into your hair each time you wash.

This is the most effective method for prolonging the vibrancy of your hair color, especially for reds, blues, and purples, which tend to fade quickly.

Toning Shampoo

You can use a toning shampoo to deposit neutral pigments and remove excess color from the hair.

Toning shampoo can help you get the perfect shade by neutralizing brassiness.

Toning shampoos often come in three colors: blue, green, or purple. You can use a color wheel to help you choose the right shampoo for your hair color.

a toning shampoo

For instance, if you want to get rid of red tones in your hair, you may use green, which is the hue opposite red on the color wheel.

With a green toning shampoo, you can eliminate any red tones in your hair, and a blue toning shampoo can neutralize brassy brown hair.

If your hair turns orange when you bleach it, blue shampoo can help.

Lastly, purple shampoo is a great way to get rid of the yellow undertones that can show up in any color of hair.

The color-changing properties will make the color look more natural all over.

Tip: Color-depositing shampoos use semi-permanent, no-ammonia dye, but use the one with the least amount of sulfate.


Color-depositing shampoo is a kind of in-shower treatment that uses pigments to change the color of your hair.

But, can you use color depositing shampoo on uncolored hair? 

Turns out, you can – even though they work better on colored hair.

They can remove undesired undertones, boost your original shade, refresh colored hair, or deposit a striking but temporary shade, like pink, purple, blue, etc. 

So, work with your stylist to help you identify the most suitable shampoo for your uncolored hair.

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