can you change nail shape when getting a fill

Can you change nail shape when getting a fill? Is it okay to color your nails after getting a fill? What about shaping your acrylic nails after the procedure?

These are common questions, but knowing the answers can help you enjoy your manicure even better.

The thing about manicures is that they look stunning, but last for a couple of weeks before you need an infill.

Your natural nails will eventually outgrow the artificial ones.

However, what are the available choices for an infill? Is there a way to modify the procedure so you can use a different color? 

And the most important of them all, “Can you change the shape of your acrylic nails?”

Turns out, yes you can change nail color and nail shape when getting a fill, but get it from an expert to avoid any issues.

Tip: Be sure to remove any old polish and get rid of any gels before you decide to get a fill. 

Can You Change Nail Shape When Getting a Fill Again?

change nail shape fill

Every two weeks, you should get your nails filled.

This is the average period of time that must pass before a growth gap becomes more noticeable. Certainly, it depends on the individual. 

Is It Possible to Change the Shape of Your Acrylic Nails?

In most cases, getting your nails filled is also an opportunity to experiment with a new shape and shade.

You may file acrylic nails into various intriguing shapes, including almond, square, and even stiletto claws. 

What to Know First?

Before beginning the shaping process, it’s essential to achieve the ideal length and thickness of the nail. The acrylic can then be filed into the desired form.

If you are uncertain about whatever form to choose, you may also find it useful to first evaluate what will look best on you.

Tip: Always be very careful when pushing your cuticles back and avoid cutting them before going for a fill.
change acrylic nail shape

How to Change the Shape of Your Acrylic Nails Easily?

You have to stick to different techniques when trying to change the shape of your acrylic nails.

Before you proceed with any specific shape, you have to prepare your nail first. 

Shortening the Nail

First, trim the nail to the appropriate length.

The last thing you want is to spend time shaping your nails only to decide they’re too long.

The length of the nail can be reduced in two ways: with a grinder or, alternatively, using a file. 

Thinning Out the Nail

It’s not always desirable to have noticeably thick nails after filing them down.

You can make your nails look better by grinding or filing away a small amount of the nail’s surface. 

file nails

What to Consider

Either use a powered nail grinder to slowly remove a portion of the nail, or file away the offending nail bed by hand.

Do not file or grind along the underside of the acrylic, but rather along its surface.

Also, work in one direction only while filing or grinding the nail in a curved motion. Do not flip the grinder over in the middle of a grind. 

Fine Tuning the Edges

Following the nail-thinning process, you can use a nail file to smooth off the nail’s edges.

To deal with any imperfections on the nail’s surface or edges, for instance, use a nail file with fine grit.

Acrylic nails are easiest to file with a metal file or emery board.

Make sure you’re just filing your nails in one direction at a time. Stop rocking back and forth. 

How Do You Shape Acrylic Nails in Different Ways?

shape nails in different ways

You can try many different shapes with your acrylic nails when getting a fill.

But, in most cases, it’s a good idea to first work on the tips to get your nails in a square shape. 

Getting Square Shape

Although square nails make a fantastic base for many different nail art designs, they aren’t flattering on everyone.

Square nails can elongate the appearance of a long, slender nail, but they may not look good on someone with a short, wide nail bed.

Still, you should probably start with square tips, since you can easily modify this shape into something different. 

What to Do?

Simply filing the very tips of your nails will give them a square shape.

Your acrylics won’t be square until you file through the top edge in a straight line.

The transition from pointed to square-shaped nails may need significant length reduction.

get square nails

Then, a little bit round the corners to get rid of the harsh edges but preserve the square shape.

This form can be created with a grinder or a nail file.

Getting a Coffin Shape

Long and tapering like a coffin, coffin-shaped nails have a flat top.

The first step in achieving this look is to grow your nails to the proper length.  After this, you’ll need to file the tips down until they’re flat and uniform. 

What to Do? 

Step #1: Being with Filing

File or grind the tips of your nails until they are perfectly straight and flat.

You’ll end up with a square, but you can easily transform those squares into coffins by taping the edges.

Step #2: Remove Width along the Sides

Then, trim the excess acrylic from the sides outside the nail bed with a grinder or nail file.

coffin nail shape

Straighten out the edges using a mild file on both sides. Be sure to file down nail corners to prevent injury.   

Getting an Oval Shape

If you prefer the rounded appearance of surrounding nails, you may make them even more so by filing down the corners of the tips.

Nails with an oval form have a point that looks like an egg, while those with a round tip seem like a half circle. 

What to Do?

Step #1: Start with Filling

Use an arc-like file motion to shape the tips of your nails into a half circle for perfectly round nails.

To get perfectly rounded and even nail tips, continue filing in this manner. 

Step #2: Go Oval!

Nails with an oval shape look more feminine while still remaining conventional.

oval nail shape

When filing oval nails, use a circular motion while gently filing on the sides.

You can achieve this by filing your nails with more force at the tips.

Getting an Almond Shape

Nails in the classic almond shape are graceful in their roundness and taper ever so slightly at the tips.

If your fingers are too short or too heavy, this is a terrific way to make them look longer. Additionally, it’s a really girly style. 

What to Do?

Step #1: Identify the Middle

Putting a dot of polish in the exact middle of each nail tip is the first step. Because of this, you may more easily achieve perfectly round nails. 

Step #2: Begin to File

File in a circular motion towards the center of each nail. Do not form a single file across. Make an effort to swerve the file in your hands.

almond nail shape

The almond shape of your nails can be obtained by filing them in the same direction twice on each nail.

Tip: Be ready to purchase a new set if the acryl is glittery or dull in color.

Can You Change the Color of Your Acrylic Nails When Getting a Fill?

Of course, you can!

There are two parts to an acrylic painting: the base (the color of the acryl itself) and the design itself (single color or a patterned design).

If the base acryl is transparent and you want to change the color to something else, the technician will just file off the old color and put on the new one.

Glittery or dark-colored acryl, on the other hand, will prevent any color shifts from occurring. Rather, you should replace them with fresh ones. 

Is It Tricky to Change Nail Color When Getting a Fill?

is it tricky to change color

It’s a lot simpler than you might think to get your nails filled in a different color.

You can alter the form of your nails, shorten their length, and paint or decorate them any way you like. 

How Does It Work?

First, your nails will be filed down to the standard manicure length and shape.

This allows you to alter the appearance of your nails entirely before having them filled.

Following the removal of the old manicure and filling of the resulting growth gap, the nail technician will continue with the filling process as usual.

The freshly filled nails will then be painted in the desired hue. 

What to Consider?

The time your nails look good painted is something to keep in mind.

Nails should be removed and replaced if they’ve been worn for too long without infills.

This is due to the fact that your manicure will weaken over time, eventually breaking off and perhaps damaging your natural nails.

manicure nail
Tip: Avoid dark or sparkly acrylic because it's difficult to change and a new color may come across as messy. 


In recent years, manicures have skyrocketed in popularity.

It’s nearly impossible to choose now because there are so many options in terms of design, form, and hue. 

Acrylics work great, but many people often face a common question, “Can you change nail shape when getting a fill?” 

Turns out, yes you can, and you can even experiment with colors. So, go ahead and be as creative as you like!

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