can you swim with hair extensions

If you have plans to chill out at the pool you might probably need answers to the question can you swim with hair extensions?“. 

You probably are wondering whether it is okay to go swimming with it. Is something bad going to happen to your hair extensions if you do?

Can you go swimming with hair extensions?

If you can’t hold yourself back then this is the article that will bring the light to you on what to do and not what to do.

Truth be told you can go swimming with hair extensions. But because they and water are sworn enemies, where water always wins, you will have to put in protective measures to keep them safe.

Swimming With Hair Extensions – Good or Bad?

swimming with extension good or bad

See, when swimming becomes a habit, you enjoy it. You hardly want to miss jumping into the swimming pool, the sea, or the ocean. 

You can get that hair extension today and jump with it deep down the water moments later. Is it wrong and bad too?

If it is, then why is it? The idea is that doing so is threatening to the extensions.

Now, if there is that extreme urge, you enjoy swimming and you’re an addict, you cannot seem to hold yourself back. Especially if there is a swimming pool around you.

Water is therapeutic and no matter what I say in this article, you will dive into the water whenever you can. 

That is why we should be frank on this matter. Swimming is good. Swimming with hair extensions can be done too.

The big question is, how do you handle the extensions while in water?

swim with hair extensions

Can You Go Swimming With Hair Extensions?

Now, straight away, let us dive in deeper and see if you can or cannot go swimming with hair extensions.

It is wrong, unwanted, and fragile to go swimming with hair extensions. It does not matter whether you are swimming in the sea, ocean, or pool.

Attempting to will end up being too destructive for your hair extension. Desist swimming with a hair extension if you can.

If you must go swimming with a hair extension, then it must become the most protected thing on earth.

That is, therefore, to answer and to say that you can swim with a hair extension.

Only if you must. And if you must, ensure that your hair extension is protected extremely well from water. Whether salty or chlorinated.

Tip: You can go swimming with hair extensions. But only if they are protected.
don't swim with hair extension

Why You Can’t Go Swimming With A Hair Extension

Does it annoy you that you now can’t go for a swim with one? It shouldn’t. After all, it works to benefit you.

When getting a hair extension that costs you money, you should do anything within your reach to keep it safe. 

Is protecting it not within your reach? It is.

In the meantime, why does it have to be that you can’t go swimming with a hair extension?

Reason #1: Water Doesn’t Go Well With Hair Extensions

Believe it or not, it is better you believe before it befalls you and makes you regret it.

Water, like I told you earlier and hair extensions do not cross paths. 

It’ll cause irreparable damage to your hair extensions and you’ll have to get rid of it, it’ll hurt more if you’ve just had them done.

spongy hair extension

Reason #2: Your Extension Might Get Spongy

Whether salty or chlorinated, soft or hard, the threat is alive and real. There is the likelihood for your hair extensions to become matted and, if worse, knotted. 

Water from both sides damages the real hair.

Hence bringing more damage to the rings, tapes, and micro rings that act as attachments between your actual hair and the extensions.

Brace for this damage and even more when you go swimming with unprotected hair extensions.

Tip: Chlorine or salt in water is damaging to the hair extensions.

How To Protect Your Hair Extensions While Swimming

protect hair extension

So, can you swim with hair extensions? Of course, yes. But, with your hair covered. If you hate buts, you will like them here because it matters.

No one wants to lose a hard-earned extension, not even you. Protect it like an egg.

If you are swimming in the ocean or sea, the salt in the water is hazardous. And if it is in the swimming pool or lake, if there is chlorine.

And this chemical is also a mega threat to good-looking hair extensions.

And since you can’t resist the temptation, I, too, have tried and failed.

I will give you tips to protect your hair before diving and doing your swimming pool antics.

So let’s get started!

Option #1: Your Hair Shouldn’t Interact With Water

cover hair extensions

There seems to be no better way to say it. So, no matter what, and this is just to reiterate, water and hair extensions are a no-no.

Protect them. That is the first thing you need to know and do before following up with other safety swimming items.

So, how do you get your hair protected and out of the water’s way?

If I said that you should only swim with your head raised, that is a big fat lie. Water bubbles, you will always want to dive and will quickly forget.

So, if anything, covering your hair is the best thing you can do.

Cover your hair with a shower cap, and elevate the safety by tucking them all in, you can also get a swimming cap, it’s way cooler and makes you look like a professional swimmer in it. 

If there is anything within your reach that can make water never see your hair extensions while swimming and showering, Go for it.

Tip: A shower cap and Swimming cap are a good way to cover your hair extensions while both swimming and showering.
dry your hair extensions

Option #2: Dry Hair Extensions

Perhaps a drop or two might steal the show. The swimming cap might be permeable.

In one way or another other, if water accidentally happens to touch the extensions, stop swimming and walk out of the water. 

Get a brush and gently wipe away the knots as soon as possible. It is therefore vital to always have your hairbrush, the detangling type.

Tip:  Whenever you are going out you carry your hairbrush along, you may never know when it begins to rain.

Option #3: Shampoo

shampoo hair

Lastly, when you step out of the water, after the treat and the happiness that comes with swimming, recall to immediately shampoo your hair.

Shampooing is meant to restore the moisture that was in your hair. 

Shampoo is also meant to preserve the color of your hair. It functions to get everything in place as it were or better by the moment you were diving in for a  swim. 

After this, use a conditioner on your hair, make sure these are nontoxic formulated so that they don’t cause more harm than good to your hair extensions.


Can You Swim With Hair Extensions? Does this article set the record straight? I believe it does.

You came asking whether you can swim with hair extensions, and we went ahead to tell you how to swim with one. 

There are things you need to do and those that you do not need to do. So, go swimming, I know it is hard to resist it when you want it and like it.

However, while you adhere to other swimming safety policies, I just introduced a new one to you. No water touches the hair extensions.

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