can you reuse tape-in hair extensions

Can you reuse tape-in hair extensions? It’s one common question for those who simply fall in love with their new tape-in extensions.

They want to know how long those extensions will keep serving them and make them look perfect.

Hair extensions are becoming a huge trend in the fashion industry, with people from all walks of life wearing them to drastically change their look.

People that want a more natural look can wear clip-in hair extensions, which attach to the scalp and hair, for a temporary or permanent change in hairstyle.

No doubt, tape-in extensions are easy to use and look amazing too, but it really pays to learn how to reuse tape in hair extensions.

So, can you really reuse it?

Of course, you can reuse your tape-in hair extensions, but it all depends on the quality of those extensions and how much aftercare your practice.

Tip: Be sure to invest in a high-quality tape-in extension because it will not tangle or fall off, allowing you to reuse it often. 

Can You Reuse Tape-In Hair Extensions without Damaging Hair?

can resuse tape in extensions

Yes, the biggest benefit of tape-in extensions is that they’re reusable. They may last up to a year and are usually suitable for 3-4 applications, considering you have to remove them every six to eight weeks.

You need to remove your extensions to inspect for damage and wear and tear. If the extensions are still in good condition, they should be re-taped and re-applied.

We strongly advise going to a professional stylist for assistance in the event that your Tapes require removal and replacement.

After the hair is removed, you can re-tape those extensions at home without any problem.

Doing it yourself could save you both time and money and reduce the likelihood of damaging your extensions in the process.

Since most salons will charge you more to retape extensions than to remove them, doing it yourself is often the best bet.

Whether or not you can use your hair extensions and for how long they stay in shape depend on many things.

Mostly, it relies heavily on how you remove them and store them away in your dresser. 

How Often Can You Reuse Tape Extensions?

always wash them

The number of times tape in hair extensions can be reused depends on their quality.

Therefore, we do not advise reapplying hair extensions in poor condition or poorly cared for.

Tape-in hair extensions made to AAA standards can be reused after the first application, increasing their lifespan to 12 weeks.

Hair extensions of higher quality can usually be reapplied twice or thrice before they begin to show signs of wear.

If you want the best results from your hair extensions, you should only reuse them if they are still thick and healthy.

Tip: Keep in mind that proper storage affects how often you can re-use your hair extensions so be sure to keep them in temperatures below 90 degrees. 

How Do You Remove Tape-In Hair Extensions to Re-Use Later?

how to remove the tape-in extensions

As mentioned already, if you don’t practice care while removing your extensions, they may no longer be re-usable.

The tape-in extensions will need to be repositioned after six to eight weeks, when your natural hair will be the same length as the extensions.

Before you can reapply tape extensions to your hair, you’ll need to use a remover designed specifically for them.

Before reapplying the tape, the extension must be removed.

How to Do It?

Tape can be easily removed after spraying a generous amount of remover over the attachment area at the top of the tape weave.

Now, wait for twenty to thirty seconds for the remover to perform its magic and loosen the stickiness.

After that time, you can easily take those tapes out of your hair.

What Type of Remover to Use?

the type of removers

Instead of using an alcohol-based remover, opt for an oil-based one.

Although alcohol-based removers are more effective, they damage the hair and scalp and sometimes leave an unpleasant chemical odor.

Look for a remover that works swiftly, has a pleasant citrus smell, and is oil-based.

This way, it will not dry out your extensions or natural hair. 

Tip: Always store your extension tapes in a dry, dark, well-ventilated spot and away from sunlight, artificial light, and UV exposure. 

How Do You Re-Use Tape-In Hair Extensions?

It’s a simple technique that could fail if not carried out correctly.

Here’s what you should know about removing and re-using your tape-in hair extensions. 

How to Remove Tape Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions cannot be reused unless they are first removed from the hair.

This can be a challenge with low-quality hair due to the product’s persistence in the hair after removal.

To avoid this issue, use the right type of remover. The great idea is to go for the one that combines contains a bit of alcohol but is not entirely based on it.

This way, you can remove the adhesive naturally even when using a low-quality hair extension.

Here are some other options to consider: 

Try Oil-Based Removers

the oil based

You can use any kind of oil, such as coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, etc., to remove tape-in hair extensions.

It’s possible to remove the tackiness of the tape by layering oil on top of the tab.

Then, wait for it to seep into the space between the tab and the tape.

 You can always add more oil if the peeling procedure proves too difficult. 

Make Use of Conditioners

To untape your hair extension tape, apply conditioner just like you would use oil. Time and perseverance are more valuable than oil in this circumstance.

The conditioner can sometimes be worked in between the tape tabs by massaging the region around the tabs to loosen the stickiness. 

Use Alcohol-Based Removers

As mentioned already, when nothing else works, you may switch to an alcohol-based remover.

You can find it in a liquid spray form to use with ease.

Simply spray it directly above the extension tab and wait a few seconds.

use alcohol based

Now, slowly lift the extension, and don’t mind using some more spray once you lift the corners.

Sometimes, you can get the same effects by mixing rubbing alcohol with a mixture of water and essential oil. 

Use a Combination Approach

It’s often a good idea to use a combination approach for the best results.

  • Take some oil and apply it directly to the tape tab.
  • Massage it gently until it goes deep down into every tab.
  • Leave it there and go for a shower.
  • Apply a good amount of conditioner to your scalp and extension tab.
  • Massage gently for a few seconds and rinse it off.
  • After the shower, use alcohol-based remover to help peel apart the tab. 

How To Reuse Tape in Hair Extensions?

After you’ve removed the tape from your hair, make sure you use a lot of solvent on it to get rid of any leftover adhesive.

If you want to keep your hair extensions looking their best, it’s recommended that you soak them in the solution for 30 to 60 seconds.  

Here’s what to consider when reusing the extensions.

Wash Them Off

regularly wash them

Be sure to wash your extensions thoroughly until they no longer feel sticky.

You might have to shampoo it a couple of times to remove the solvent completely. 

Brush Them Nicely

Once cleaned, you need to brush your extensions gently. Ensure they’re perfectly clean and let them dry. 

Prepare to Re-Use

Place your extensions on a towel or any flat surface would do. Now, cut the tape so that it’s only slightly wider than the tabs.

Peel the bonding tape and apply it directly to the tab. Ensure that the adhesive side is towards the extension.

Finish Application

Make sure there are no air bubbles, and use your fingertips for proper application. Voila! You’re ready to reuse your tape-in hair extensions.

Tip: Store your extension tapes in a sealable container because oxygen can dry out the tape's adhesive, leading to weaker bond strength.


Among many reasons why tape-in hair extensions are popular is their ability to serve you multiple times. Can you reuse tape in hair extensions?

Yes, you surely can. How often? Well, it depends on how you maintain them. In most cases, a good-quality tape-in extension would last for 8 weeks.

But, if you care for them properly, you may be able to use them thrice, making them last up to a year.

Just learn how to remove them carefully and store them away properly to be able to enjoy them multiple times.

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