can you put candle wax in a wax warmer

Can you put candle wax in a wax warmer? You may be looking for the answer when you want to enhance your space with something other than burning a candle alone.

Warm warmers are an excellent alternative to fill a room with fragrance without using candles.

But, it is also natural to worry about damaging your device by using something it may not be designed for. 

That same holds when you hear of using leftover candle wax in your wax warmer.

To what extent can you use a wax warmer in place of a scented candle to release the scent? Can I use candle wax in my wax warmer without an issue?

Yes, you can put candle wax in a wax warmer without worrying about anything, but you just need to follow the right process.

Tip: Always keep your wax warmer away from drafts and fans to make those wax cubes last longer. 

Can You Put Candle Wax In A Wax Warmer?

put candle wax in warmer

There are other options than using a flame to spread the aroma across the room. To disperse fragrance from wax, a wax warmer can be just as effective as a candle.  

What Are Wax Melts?

Scented wax that does not require a wick is called a wax melt. To reiterate, wax melts are identical to candles except for lacking wicks.

Also available in a variety of sizes and forms, wax melts can be broken open to release their fragrant contents. The wax warmer should be used to slowly melt the wax. 

What Exactly Is A Wax Warmer?

If you like the smell of candles but do not want to light one, try a wax warmer instead.

Aromatic wax melts, similar in scent and composition to candles but lack a wick and a flame, are typically placed within.

They are a tempting alternative to candles for those who enjoy the fragrance, warmth, and atmosphere of scented wax.

It is perfect for those concerned about fire safety in the home because, depending on the model, wax warmers are less combustible.  

Is It A Good Idea To Use Candle Wax In A Wax Warmer?

is it good to use candle wax

Yes, it certainly is. 

The truth is that no one appreciates a flickering flame and a half-burned candle. The unburned section always has a strong aroma, making it nearly visible.

The candle will not burn all the way to the bottom because the wick is too short.

You can recycle the wax from a burned candle into new ones instead of throwing it away.

And that is where a wax warmer comes into play. 

Why Does It Work?

The only difference between the wax used in a regular wax melt and candle wax is that candle wax does not have a wick sticking out of it.

Therefore, it is possible, and actually advisable, to use old candle wax in your wax melts warmer without worrying about harming the device or the wax.

Tip: Do not try to freshen up old wax simply by adding additional wax to it and empty your wax first.

Is It Safe To Use A Candle Warmer With Candle Wax?

is it safe to use candle wax

Due to the lack of an open flame, candle warmers are generally considered safer than candles. 

Concerns remain, however, such as wax spills and outlet issues, when using a wax warmer. 

Why Are Wax Warmers Better Than Candles?

Using a warmer is preferable to lighting a candle, as it creates fewer waste products and does not release harmful byproducts into the air.

In any case, if you use clean-burning candles, you will not have to worry about that. 

Wax heated in a warmer may or may not emit chemicals into the air, depending on the type of wax used. 

How To Ensure More Safety?

You should never use a wax warmer in the same room as a candle or any other combustible material. 

During use, you should also keep it out of the reach of kids and dogs.

Moreover, you should ensure the warmer is compatible with the voltage parameters of the power outlet.

wax warmer

And of course, using beeswax or soy wax is your best bet. 


If you use a warmer in place of a candle, you should still be present in the room while it is on to check on the wax.

An Important Consideration

Many alkanes, including toluene can be found in certain wax melts.

Some people with asthma or weakened lung function may experience injury from these substances.

Check the wax’s ingredient label and proceed with caution before melting it. 

Tip: It is possible to create a new aroma by blending cubes of wax in your wax warmer. 

Can You Use All Types Of Candle Wax In A Wax Warmer?

candle wax types

In most cases, you can.

However, it is important to consider the limitations of your wax warmer. And you should also know that a wax warmer is not exactly the same as a candle warmer. 

Difference Between Candle Warmer And Candle Wax Warmer

Even though you may have heard them used interchangeably, there are subtle differences.

Wax warmers use heat to release a scent by melting small amounts of wax. However, candle warmers use heat to diffuse the fragrance from the entire candle.

Some people use candle warmers to warm up snacks and beverages.   

The only drawback of using candle warmers is that the candles’ fragrance will be completely gone the next time you light them.

Additionally, the size of the candles you can use on a candle warmer is somewhat constrained.

Some of your current candle stock may be too tall for a standard warmer.

Can You Use Scented Candle Wax In A Wax Warmer?

use scented candle wax

When you have the right type of wax warmer, you do not really have to worry about most things.

Since wax melts and candle wax are so similar, the next logical question is whether or not they may be substituted for one another.

Of course, you cannot use a wax melt with a wick, but can you use a wax warmer with scented candle wax?

Turns out, you can!

In fact, you should be using scented candle wax only.

Wax warmers are used to warm scented candles and diffuse their fragrances.

Unlike scented candles, regular wax does not contain any aromatic oils, so there is no point in putting it in your wax warmer. 

Is It Okay To Reuse Wax Melts?

Two or three uses should be plenty for one wax melt.

The scent from one melt can last for up to eight hours. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that burn times might vary widely amongst candle brands.

However, the waxing process can take up to six hours.

wax melts

A wax melt can be used multiple times before the fragrance fades away completely. 


Wax melts at lower temperatures but retains its aroma longer than cold candles.   

How Do You Use Candle Wax In A Wax Warmer?

Here is what you should do when you have leftover scented candle wax and want to use it in your wax warmer. 

Step # 1: Set Up The Warmer 

Set up your wax warmer, considering what type you have.

There is a wide selection of wax warmers to choose from. Most, though, demand that you literally insert it into a word. 

As such, the warmer is equipped with an electrical cord for plugging into a power outlet. Those bowls on top of the warmer can also be used as a hot plate.

The wax in some warmers is warmed by a small, but very hot, light bulb or a tealight. You can forgo using an electrical outlet to power the warmer here. 

set up your wax warmer

Step # 2: Put Candle Wax In The Warmer

Following the warmer’s setup, place a small dish on top of the device and fill it with wax chunks.

Excessive wax in a dish will cause it to overflow when melted, so be careful here.

As the sizes of the wax vary, the capacity of the wax warmer will change too.

Before adding the wax to the wax warmer, you can make it easier to remove the solidified wax by placing a baking cup in the warmer. 

Step # 3: Turn It On!

Like a blender or other simple home appliance, the wax warmer merely needs to be plugged in and turned on to begin heating wax.

There may be a tiny on/off switch on the device, or you may just connect it to an electrical outlet.

Turning on the machine will begin the process, at which point your wax will slowly heat up. 


You should place the bowl back on top after switching on the warmer.

Also, remember, you should simply touch the power base to turn on a warmer equipped with a touch lamp.

melting wax

Last but not least, to use a tealight as a warmer, put the wax in the holder, ignite it, and then set the bowl right on top. 

Step # 4: Take the Wax Out of the Warmer

Wear gloves and ensure the wax has cooled completely before you take it out.

Tip: Make sure to use a plastic knife to remove the hard wax after using the warmer and cleaning it for the next use. 


Lighting a scented candle does not have to be the only way to add a delicate fragrance to your home. 

Wax warmers can help you achieve that as well. But, can you put candle wax in a wax warmer? 

Yes, you can, but you need to know what type of wax is the best for your warmer, and how to use it.

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