can i use setting spray without makeup

Setting sprays are a lifesaver and work by keeping your makeup in place, but many people wonder, “can I use setting spray without makeup?”

With the use of setting sprays, you can easily make your makeup last longer. It’s also possible to get a dewy or matte finish or simply refresh your makeup.

You can even prime your face using the right type of setting spray.

However, it’s common for women to have all sorts of questions about setting sprays.

Some questions are, “Do you use setting spray before or after foundation?” “Will you hurt your skin by using setting sprays?”

And, above all, can you use your setting spray if you’re not wearing any makeup?

Yes, you can use setting spray without makeup, but you have to choose the right product and prep your face for the best results.

Tip: Look for a setting spray with a fine mist to properly disperse it across your face, and avoid heavy sprays, as they make your face feel drenched. 

Can I Use Setting Spray Without Makeup Or Foundation?

use setting spray no foundation

The setting sprays have several uses beyond merely fixing your makeup in place, like refreshing your face and adding moisture to your skin.

It’s possible to achieve a more polished appearance with simply a setting spray if you’re in a rush and haven’t had time to apply any other cosmetics.

It adds a gentle glow to your face and makes you look stunning in your no-makeup look.

However, there are several considerations to keep in mind when you want to use your setting spray without foundation.

Not paying attention to those points may hurt you in the long run when using your setting spray.

Pick The Right Setting Spray For Your Skin

You can find a setting spray designed for every skin type. You have to consider your skin type before making a decision. 

For Dry Skin

Use a setting spray with a dewy finish if your skin is dry; it will assist in replenishing moisture and give you a healthy glow.

Don’t opt for sprays that contain alcohol because they’ll hurt your already “dry” skin.

Instead, choose a refreshing mist with a lightweight formula and some glycerin in it to lock moisture in your dry skin. 

oily skin

For Oily Skin

Those with oily skin should use a setting spray containing oil-absorbing ingredients.

On warmer days, use a matte finish spray. Be sure to check its alcohol content. If it’s high, avoid wearing it on a regular basis.

You need to use it sparingly, but it still serves the purpose and makes you look great even without makeup. 

For Sensitive Skin

The basic rule here is to avoid anything that contains alcohol. You want to use it on your sensitive skin without makeup, so a harsh spray can only make matters worse.

Instead, pick a spray with hyaluronic acid, which soothes your skin by hydrating it naturally. 

Learn To Use Your Setting Spray Correctly

correct use setting spray

You need to understand the basics of applying the setting spray, but it becomes critical when you want to use it without foundation.

When it comes to setting spray, a little goes a long way. A spritz here and there won’t cut it.

Follow the steps to the dot to get the best results. 

Step #1: Shake It Nicely

The most effective way to apply the setting spray without any dripping or uneven coverage is to shake it nicely.

You won’t get your money’s worth out of the setting spray unless you shake it up before each use.

Why? The active chemicals might settle to the bottom of the bottle after prolonged storage. 

Step #2: Spray Systematically

Keeping the bottle at a distance of six to eight inches from your face is essential for the most effective application.

Maintaining the right distance is even more important if you use it with makeup.  

Spray in an X pattern first, then a T pattern to ensure you cover every inch of surface you need to. Then, if necessary (but hopefully not), you can spray specific areas. 

setting spray on face

Step #3: Let It Dry

Be sure to allow your setting spray to dry properly before you head out of your or use anything to cover your head.    

It allows the spray sufficient time to absorb, preventing makeup from spreading after application.

And if you’re wearing it without foundation, giving it some time to dry helps you get a good glow.

Tip: Use your setting spray in place of your primer after using sunscreen but before applying any foundation for great results.

Can You Use Setting Spray Every Day Without Makeup?

setting spray no makeup

In most cases, using setting sprays regularly is not a problem, so long as you do it with makeup. But, you have to be more careful when using without foundation. 

What To Consider?

When used frequently, the alcohol in most setting sprays can irritate and dry up the skin.

So rather than including it in your regular makeup process, applying the setting spray when absolutely necessary is better. 

What To Do?

If you love it to the point that you want to use it daily, pick a spray with a nourishing formula.

The good idea is to buy a spray with a combination of skin-hydrating ingredients, including glycerin and cucumber fruit extract.

Similarly, several varieties of face mists are available to help the skin appear more radiant and youthful.

You can use most of these sprays daily, depending on your skin type.

Tip: Spritz some setting spray on a spoolie and use it on your eyebrows to help them stay in shape for longer. 

What Are Some Additional Setting Spray Hacks?

additional hacks

Your setting spray prevents your makeup from smudging and fading during the day.

But, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes—and these are all tricks recommended by professional makeup artists.

These lesser-known makeup hacks will quickly become your new standard procedure.

Make Your Eye Makeup Look Vibrant

You know you’ve applied several layers of eyeshadow but your eye makeup just isn’t as vivid as you’d like it to be.

Even watching those YouTube tutorials doesn’t help. What gives?

Turns out, you tend to lose your makeup quickly, and an excellent way to resolve the issue is to use your setting spray.

What To Do?

Take your setting spray and use it on your eyeshadow brush. Now, proceed with your makeup routine and apply the pigment as usual.

Leave it for a while and you’ll notice the spray brightens up the eyeshadow color and keeps it vibrant for longer. 

make eyes vibrant

Protect Your Skin With Your Setting Spray

You may have never thought about it, but using the right setting spray can also offer UV protection.

It’s great for when you need to go outside but don’t want to put on a thick layer of goopy sunscreen under your makeup. 

What To Do?

Just take your time and look for a good quality setting spray with SPF. Ideally, you should opt for something with SPF 30 to get the best protection.

Tip:  Make use of a small piece of cardboard or something else to fan your face and help the spray settle fast.
setting spray alternatives

What’s The Alternative For Setting Spray To Use Without Makeup?

You can go the DIY route when you want a setting spray to enhance your no-makeup look. Make your own to prevent any damage.

For this, you need purified bottled water and rosewater for its moisturizing properties. Vegetable glycerin is also needed to help make your spray last longer. 

What To Do?

  • Take the bottle and fill it halfway with water.
  • Take a teaspoon of rosewater and add to the bottle.
  • Take two tablespoons of glycerin and add to the mix.
  • Shake the bottle gently.
use rosewater

That’s all you need to make your own setting spray. Yippee!

Tip: Be sure to apply some hydrating skincare products before you decide to use any alcohol-based spray. 


So many women vouch for the benefits and efficacy of setting sprays. And it does pack a solid punch and helps you keep your makeup intact for longer.

The confusion arises when you wonder, “Can I use setting spray without makeup?” In most cases, you can.

But, it all depends on the quality of the spray and how frequently you use it. If you just love it, why not consider making your own with natural ingredients?

You know what to do, right?

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