can i take a shower after getting a brazilian wax

Can I take a shower after getting a Brazilian wax? It is natural to find it confusing if you go for Brazilian wax for the first time.

Waxing can leave unpleasant side effects if not properly cared for afterwards. But, speaking of post-waxing care, notably showering after waxing, different people seem to have varied advice.

Sometimes, it just feels right to take a shower right after getting a Brazilian wax because you want to feel fresh.

But, is it a good idea? So, can I shower after a Brazilian wax, you ask?

Yes, you can take a shower, but not immediately after a Brazilian wax, as it is better to wait at least 24-48 hours before bathing.

Tip: Skip your gym class for a day or two after waxing because tight clothes can result in redness and ingrown hairs. 

Can I Take A Shower After Getting A Brazilian Wax?

shower after brazilian wax

Yes, so long as you do not go for a shower soon after your waxing session.

Many experts believe it is better to wait 24 hours after waxing before exposing your freshly-waxed skin to water.

Others go even further and say you should not take a shower for 48 hours to be on the safe side. 

Is It Necessary To Take A Shower After Getting A Brazilian Wax?

Some people go for a shower because they think it is necessary to get rid of any waxing residual. Not true!

After removing the wax, your therapist will use a special lotion to cool and disinfect your skin.  

It removes waxing residue and soothes the skin instantaneously, so there is no need to take a shower right away. If you can make it a day without washing, you should. 

Why Is It Better To Wait Before Taking A Shower After Waxing?

better to wait before shower

Taking a shower after getting Brazilian wax increases your chances of developing an infection.

You can safely take a shower a few hours following a bikini wax. However, you should only use lukewarm or cold water in the shower.

Perfumed moisturizers and abrasive shower gels are just two examples of skincare items to stay away from if you have sensitive skin or open pores. 

Why Are Hot Showers Not Good?

Heat can irritate your skin, so we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before using hot water.

Excessive heat and sweating cause pores to widen, making the skin more susceptible to infection.

Using hot water can also contribute to stripping away its natural oils. If you let it happen, you may end up dealing with ingrown hairs.

Along with hot showers, you should also avoid saunas, jacuzzis, swimming pools, and steam rooms.

Tip: Be sure to use an exfoliating body scrub before your next waxing to avoid clogged pores and inflammation.

Can I Take A Shower Before Getting A Brazilian Wax?

While some people may think a shower before waxing is a good idea, others may disagree.

Yet, there are many reasons why a shower before waxing is a good idea. 

Clean Skin For The Treatment

It is natural to use lotions and other body products on your skin. Therefore, you need to remove any leftover lotion, dirt, or sweat before waxing.   

After a shower, your skin will be clean and ready for your treatment. 

Opened Pores For Effective Treatment

Taking a shower before your waxing appointment may be a good idea because it helps open the pores.

taking shower

At the same time, it makes your skin soft and smooth, which significantly lowers the discomfort you feel during your treatment. 

Hygienically Appropriate Skin

You should shower before getting your wax done because it is sanitary, and the professional should only handle your clean skin.

You can wash up for your waxing appointment, but give yourself at least an hour to dry out. 

How Soon Can You Take A Shower After A Brazilian Wax?

As mentioned already, the ideal waiting time is 48 hours. But, sometimes, you may want to do it early.

Redness and swelling on your skin are probably the results of a wax. Because the pores become enlarged after the session, you have to practice extra care.

But, if you desperately need to shower in less than 48 hours, give yourself enough time for your body temperature to come down.

It is just as important to ensure that your waxed area of the skin has regained its sensitivity. And this is likely to happen in about two hours after waxing.


So, it is recommended to wait at least two hours after waxing before taking a shower. But, it is best to wait as long as possible. 

How Do You Take a Shower After Getting a Brazilian Wax?

You now know you can take a shower post-waxing, but only after allowing your hypersensitive skin a couple of hours to recover.

And when you are finally ready, it is important to keep a few tips in mind. 

Stick To Lukewarm Water

Going with cool water is preferred, but it is okay to stick to lukewarm water.

Using cool water may feel like a cold compress that helps reduce the redness and swelling of freshly waxed skin.

Your already delicate skin might be irritated by heat, which is not only irritating but also has the potential to harm your freshly waxed skin.

lukewarm water

Therefore, stay away from hot showers and always limit your shower time to under 20 minutes. 

Make Use Of In-Shower Moisturizers

Dermatologists suggest using in-shower lotions and oils to avoid getting a problem as annoying as ingrown hairs.

It helps because moisturizers trap some moisture in the skin, making it softer and more flexible for maximum hair development.

Tip: Besides avoiding a shower, you should avoid tanning for at least 24 hours until your hair follicles close properly. 

What Else To Avoid When Getting A Brazilian Wax?

what to avoid

If you do it well, waxing is not as unpleasant as the common belief would have you believe. Keep reading to learn about common waxing blunders and how to avoid them. 

Do Not Wax Near Your Period 

If you are on your period, you can still get waxed (wear a tampon), but prepare for a little extra pain.

You are likely to feel more discomfort because of the tenderness in your pelvic region in the days leading up to your period.

It is recommended that you schedule at least a week in advance of your cycle start date.

To ease the discomfort of an unavoidable scheduling conflict, remember that a pain reliever can do wonders 

Do Not Worry about Trimming Beforehand

If your hair is no shorter than a quarter-of-an-inch long, there is no need to worry about anything during waxing.

trimming before wax

If your hair is overly long, a professional can easily accomplish a quick trim.

Doing it yourself is perilous since it is more difficult than it appears and you could accidentally cut your hair too short. 

It is essential to remember that your therapist will be utterly unfazed if your reason for avoiding therapy is based on embarrassment.   

Stay Away from Drinking

While it may seem like a good idea to calm your first-wax jitters with a glass of wine on the way to the salon, this may backfire.

Alcohol and caffeine, both stimulants, might heighten your skin’s sensitivity, so you should avoid them before your session. 

Consider Your Meds

Do not keep your therapist in the dark about what you are taking without first making sure it is safe.

Waxing is not recommended when using certain prescription drugs because it can cause the skin to become too thin.

consider meds

Two major offenders are steroids and the acne medication Roaccutane.

Waxing can be very painful and even cause bleeding on more delicate skin. Certainly not the desired outcome for anyone!

Tip: Do go with a spray tan before waxing because waxing will get rid of the top layer of your skin, ultimately rendering your spray tan ineffective. 


Among many questions, people have after waxing is, “Can I take a shower after getting a Brazilian wax?” 

And the short answer is yes, but it is just as important to know “how soon is too soon”.

If you do not wait for 24 hours, you increase your risk of developing skin infections, which can be quite frustrating. 

Therefore, you should play it safe and wait for as long as you can before taking a shower.

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