can i shave missed hairs after waxing

Can I shave missed hairs after waxing? Will it do any harm to my skin? What should I consider when trying to get rid of missed hairs?

It is natural to ask whether waxing is your preferred hair removal method.

Regular waxing might provide you with a three-week respite from the hassle of shaving or plucking.

Yes, it takes commitment to keep up a consistent waxing routine, but it still works.

It all begins to look troublesome when you notice leftover hairs after waxing. This leaves you thinking, “Can you shave missed hairs after waxing?”

You certainly can, but it is not always recommended because you may disturb your hair’s natural growth cycle.

Tip: Learn how to tailor the amount of wax needed based on the area you are targeting to avoid having to deal with leftover hair after waxing. 

Can I Shave Missed Hairs after Waxing?

can shave the missed hair

You may feel tempted to use the razor on any leftover hairs after waxing but hold your horses.

Instead of worrying about how to get rid of hair, you should focus more on how to avoid them in the first place. 

What Makes You Miss Hair When Waxing?

Even though professional body waxes are extremely effective, there are a number of reasons why you can still miss some hairs.

Proper Consistency

For one, you might not acquire the correct consistency to aid the procedure.

As a result, the wax might not pick all the hairs, if you are unfamiliar with the wax formula.

It may be necessary to resort to alternative hair removal methods if you use the same wax formula, particularly soft body waxes, on the same area of your body more than once. 

The Length of Your Hair

the length of hair

Sometimes you have leftover hair because it is not quite long enough for the wax to work.

Most estheticians advise waiting until the hair is at least 1/4 inch long before scheduling a waxing appointment.

Some clients may notice hair regrowth a few days after a waxing service.

It takes a few sessions to obtain an even renewal cycle for all the hairs in a particular section of the body.

It may happen when people have not settled into a wax schedule.

It is very common for a few hairs to be missed when waxing. And the fact that they are surrounded by smooth, newly-waxed skin likely makes them stand out even more. 

It is debatable whether shaving is the most common method for removing unwanted hair, therefore let us examine its efficacy.

Tip: Do not use retinoid lotions and other skin care products 2-5 days before your wax is done.  

Why Shaving After Waxing Is Not Recommended?

why shaving not recommended

To begin, those who miss some hairs when waxing can simply shave them off.

It will not cause any irritation if you do not have skin sensitivity.   

So, yes, shaving is always an option, but is it the most effective choice? Probably not!

There are a number of reasons why shaving may not be the best idea.   

It Does Not Work on the Root

Shaving does not remove hair from the root; it only trims the hair at the surface, leaving a blunt end that quickly grows back. 

It May Disrupt Regrowth Cycle

When hair is shaved, the regeneration cycle is thrown off, causing the waxed hairs to grow more slowly than the shaven hairs. 

It May Irritate Your Skin

Shaving is not recommended after waxing since it might further irritate the already sensitive skin in that area.

The problem will be much more pronounced if you do not use an appropriate moisturizing lotion. 

It Changes the Texture of Hair

changes the texture of hair

After each shaving, the hair will get denser and darker, often covering the region with a rough growth.

It undoes most of the work that you achieve with the wax, which, as a result, causes the hair to get thinner with each passing period. 

What Else Can You Try to Manage Leftover Hairs?

When you know you should avoid shaving, you may wonder how to remove leftover hair after waxing.

Plugging the hair out with tweezers is far more practical since it allows for greater accuracy and removes the hair from the root.

You may do the same thing if you detect new hairs after a waxing treatment. 

But it is preferable to let these hairs alone until the fourth day has passed since the treatment was performed.

In this manner, these hairs will be able to maintain their normal renewal rate before the subsequent waxing procedure. 

When to Avoid Using Tweezers to Remove Leftover Hair?

when to avoid the tweezer

While using tweezers sounds like the quickest way to get rid of leftover hairs, avoid it when you do not know how to do it properly.

Moreover, you should not use tweezers when dealing with ingrown hair.

Remember, picking or pulling the ingrown hair increases your risk of infection. 

If you develop ingrown hair after waxing, be sure not to squeeze any bumps and never dig under the skin.

Tip: Take pain relievers like ibuprofen and apply cold packs to your skin 30 minutes beforehand to reduce the discomfort during waxing. 

How Do You Avoid Missing Hair When Waxing?

You may take precautions to reduce the likelihood of missing hair during waxing. After all, the skin has to be prepared for the waxing process. 

It is essential so that the hairs may be removed efficiently and painlessly the first time around.

Some helpful suggestions are as follows: 

Know When and How to Exfoliate

know when and how to exfoliate

Be sure to learn the importance of exfoliating in the time between waxing treatments.

You should practice exfoliating the skin before each wax, and the region should be clean and free of debris.

Proper cleaning keeps your pores from becoming clogged.

Therefore, the wax will be able to better grip the hairs before being pulled out, making for a more pleasant waxing experience overall. 

Remember to Moisturize Your Skin

Following a good pre-wax routine is essential. How you prep your skin greatly impacts how efficiently you remove all the hairs after waxing.

Use a hydrating solution as part of your pre-wax preparation.

Aside from appearing and feeling healthier, well-hydrated skin has a far greater response to the wax. 

Follow the Proper Technique

We know how difficult it is to maintain proper application technique when you have a packed schedule full of back-to-back appointments and other commitments.

Do not worry about it; that is human nature.

However, you can always spend some time in the evenings or on days off perfecting your waxing skills.

Or, you can simply pick the best professional in your area and hope to get the best results. 

Check the Quality of Wax

the quality of wax

You can now find a variety of waxes and they perform differently. Whether you try at home or let a pro do the job, it is essential to pick the right products.

With waxes, you need to understand that it has to be at the right temperature.

If it is too hot, it is going to hurt your skin. Too cold and you will end up using a lot more than needed.

For hot and warm waxes, you usually need to heat them up to 63 degrees.

Be sure to check the instructions before heating the wax.

Apply Good Pressure While Applying Hard Wax

You are naturally going to have leftover hair if you do not apply the right amount of pressure when using hard wax.

For the most part, insufficient pressure is to blame when waxing fails to remove hair.

You need to push firmly on the wax strip in order to remove all of the hair.

The inability of wax to remove hair is generally resolved after the proper technique for applying wax to the skin is mastered.

apply a good pressure

The pressure should be strong, but not so intense that it pulls at the skin. Instead, it should be smooth and gliding.

If you hold your stick at a 90-degree angle, you will be in the ideal position to evenly distribute the wax.  

Tip: Use a cold compress, stay out of steamy showers, dress loosely, and use a noncomedogenic moisturizer if you feel discomfort after waxing. 


Can I shave missed hairs after waxing, you may ask? Well, you certainly can if you missed a patch of hair.

Waxing is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair, but it is also quite common to miss hair occasionally.

Otherwise, simply resort to your tweezers for the job. And it is even better to pay attention to factors leading to leftover hairs in the first place.

Fix the waxing process, and you will get incredible results.

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