can hair be too long for brazilian wax

A Brazilian wax could be the hair-free solution you’ve been searching for, but you may wonder, “Can hair be too long for Brazilian wax?”

It’s an important question to answer because it greatly impacts the results you get later.

It’s not uncommon for pubic hair to extend down to the thighs, where it can be seen through a bikini or briefs.

Occasionally, it will grow in a vertical line, right over the belly button. That’s when you can opt for a bikini wax.

During the process, the esthetician will remove the hair from your pubic region, thighs, and belly button.

One can go even further with a Brazilian wax. But, it’s natural to ask, “Is my hair too long for Brazilian wax?”

Yes, your hair can be a bit too long for a Brazilian wax to work properly, and ideally, it has to be no longer than 1/4”.

Tip: Pick a light moisturizer that contains the properties of cucumber to apply to your freshly-waxed skin for a soothing effect.  

Can Hair be Too Long for Brazilian Wax to Work Properly?

can hair long to work on

Yes, the length of your hair matters when you opt for a Brazilian wax.

When you love a more groomed look, you just can’t do without waxing, and Brazilian wax is often a preferred choice.

It offers many benefits, like:

  • It’s less likely to cause bumps and rashes, which are common with shaving.
  • It pulls your hair out from the root, leading to smooth skin for longer.
  • It helps make new hair growth soft and thin, making waxing less painful. 

Why Does Size Matter in a Brazilian Wax?

On average, hair needs to be around a quarter of an inch for a period of time sufficient for the wax to cling to it.

You (or your technician) might struggle to get it out if it’s thick and not long enough.

So you should let it grow until it’s ridiculously long before getting your next wax? Absolutely not.

In fact, it can make it quite challenging to get quality wax. You may be in for some serious trouble for those with half-length hair, “long or even somewhat longer.

The Length of Your Hair and Pain

length of hair and pain

The degree of discomfort is proportional to the length of hair you need cut off.

In reality, it doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short; the discomfort will remain constant regardless of length. 

As a compromise, we recommend you cut the hair to a precise quarter of an inch.

Wax won’t have enough to grip the hairs any shorter than that, and you risk tearing your skin in the process.

Trimming it down can resolve many issues. It stands to reason that you wouldn’t want to make it overly short though.

Use hair clippers with a guard attachment to get it to an even 1/4″ in length before waxing.

Don’t use scissors, as you can accidentally shorten portions of your hair.

Remember, waxing may only remove the hair from the surface if it is longer than that, leaving the roots to grow back in as ingrown hairs.

If the hair is too long, cut it, but if it’s too short, you’ll have to wait for it to grow.

Tip: Wear loose clothing when going for an appointment and stay away from tight-fitting underwear to prevent chaffing after the session. 

The Role of a Professional Technician

role of professional technician

Can your hair be too long for a Brazilian wax? Yes, it can be.

But, besides the length of your hair, your technician’s experience will also play a role in determining how much pain you experience.

Although waxing might be painful, your technician can take the necessary precautions to ease your discomfort.

A skilled expert will work quickly (which will reduce discomfort), avoid pulling on your skin, and use the appropriate quantity of wax for your hair and skin. 

How Do You Prep Your Hair for Brazilian Wax?

Ahead of your next wax, keep these pre-wax hair care guidelines in mind to get the best possible results: 

Know When to Shave

You should avoid shaving between sessions, except if you have multiple active growth cycles. 

While waiting for your scheduled waxing appointments, don’t mess with your hair. 

Exfoliate Your Skin

exfoliate skin

It’s recommended that you exfoliate your skin once a day. Even ingrown hairs will be brought to the surface by this method.

Waxing will be simpler, less uncomfortable, and more effective as a consequence. 

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Moisturize your skin often to avoid damaging your hair follicles through waxing.

Waxing increases the risk of tearing out hair follicles at the root, so you have to be careful. 

Utilize a Pre-Wax Lotion

Stick with an excellent pre-wax lotion that contains natural ingredients. Using it before your session may serve as an antiseptic and also soothe your skin.

Tip: Consider taking an OTC pain reliever, like ibuprofen, aspirin, or Advil if you experience any pain during or after your waxing session.

What Other Than Long Hair Affects the Pain after Brazilian Waxing?

what other effects of brazilian waxing

The length of your hair can increase the pain during the process and affect the results after a Brazilian wax.

But, many other factors may also affect the results as well as the pain you experience with waxing. 

Consider Your Skin Issues

If you already have skin sensitivities or other issues, like a skin tag or mole, it’s important to be careful when waxing.

Telling the technician specifically about that condition can help them wax around the affected area.

In case of a tag or mole, the technician needs to use tweezers to pull hair out of it to prevent inflammation and irritation.

Similarly, wait for a little if you have sunburned skin, or you may experience more pain during and after the wax. 

Consider the Temperature of the Wax

temperature of wax

Keep in mind that your bikini area is far more sensitive than your hand skin.

Even if you have tested the temperature of the wax by smearing some on your hand, don’t assume it works fine for pubic hair too.

Ideally, you should wait until the wax has cooled a bit before applying it. Your skin could get burned or even peel off if you don’t. 

Say No to Scents

Be wary of perfumes and fragrances, as they often contain harsh chemicals like alcohol and astringent.

They might be your worst enemy when you’re fresh off the waxing table.

Even a light misting of these fragrances onto the skin that is still quite tender and raw will aggravate it.

It could potentially cause skin peeling and lead to excruciating pain. 

Play Your Part

should play your part

Even though the esthetician would do everything during the process, you may want to get hold of yourself for better results.

For starters, try to hold your skin tight.

You should stretch your skin just before a technician rips off the wax. Stretching will help expand your pores, making it easier for hairs to come out. 

Learn to Sectionalize

Break up your skin into teeny small sections for waxing. A swab can be no more than three inches in length and an inch in width at most.

Extend this pattern and wax it.

If you’re a beginner, you should know that applying too much wax to your body at once will cause it to become extremely dry. 

It also makes it difficult to pull, resulting in unbearable discomfort. The risk of irritating ingrown hairs exists because the hair is not being removed from the follicles. 

No More Shaving

no more shaving now

The idea of shaving has its own unique horrors. Aside from being thicker, the hair also grows more quickly.

In rare instances, two hairs may emerge from a single follicle.

Once you start waxing, you need to cease doing this. Waxing causes hair to come back thinner and slower than it did before.

However, if you shave again, you will throw off your hair’s natural adaptation cycle.

It is important to get the hairs used to being waxed in order to slow down the regrowth process. You should let them grow out naturally and resist the urge to shave.

Tip: Refrigerate the Aloe Vera gel and apply it directly to your skin to reduce irritation and soothe naturally. 


Now that you’ve made it here you know now the answer to can hair be too long for brazilian wax. Here’s a quick recap:

Brazilian waxing is a great way to help you practice proper hygiene and look fantastic on your next beach trip.

But, many factors affect the results you get from each waxing session. 

That’s when you should also consider, “Can hair be too long for Brazilian wax?”

Ensure your hair is not too long or too short, and always work with a professional esthetician to complete the process efficiently and painlessly.

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