can you bleach your hair after using color oops

Want to know “can you bleach your hair after using Color Oops?” Then this is the article to read.

In the recent past, Color Oops has taken over the market as a leading artificial hair removal brand. It is sparked with remarkable evidence and supporting reviews.

However, most people still do not get it right, and color oops does not just work right for them.

In this article, we are much concerned with post-color oops use and with bleaching after a color oops use.

It is fine to bleach your hair after using color oops. There are however convoluted opinions concerning how long to wait after applying color oops remover before bleaching.

Can You Bleach Your Hair After Using Color Oops

can you bleach hair color oops

“Can I bleach my hair after using color oops?”  It is good you came looking for answers to this question.

There are a lot of questions that come with it and you are not alone. But I will help you through that. 

If bleaching is what you want, after using color oops, then you have the go-ahead.

But just like in using color oops to get rid of the artificial color, bleaching calls for a lot of indulgence and caution. So, before making any move, check to ensure that you are making the right ones. 

If you do not, then you will soon realize that bleaching after a color oops operation isn’t an easy feat.

Color Oops is increasingly receiving accolades from hairdressers and people for its artificial hair color removal prowess. It is an undisputed artificial hair color removal agent, simple and fast to use. 

Therefore, this article gives you the green light that if you feel like you want to bleach after using Color Oops, then you have the go-ahead.

However, as you will soon realize, it is not easy, it calls for professionalism, steadfastness, and experience. 

So if you feel like you can not do it on your own expertly, then I advise that you find someone or walk into a salon where they will help you with the bleaching after a color oops moment.

Tip: You can bleach after color oops. You are advised to do it in a salon under special care and with experienced hands. 

How Long After Using Color Oops Should You Bleach Your Hair?

how long wait before using bleach

With the go-ahead that I just gave you right above, you may find yourself rushing things.

Of course, bleached hair is going to look good on you but there is protocol. It also pays to be patient. 

Bleaching your hair immediately or on the day after, or two after a color oops treatment is going to be very fatal.

No matter what, do not be in a hurry to bleach your hair immediately after using color oops. After using color oops, it is advisable that you hold your horses for more than one week before bleaching your hair. 

I will also explain to you just below why you shouldn’t bleach your hair immediately after using color oops.

And why do you need to wait ten days before going ahead? 

Tip: Ten days is the most ideal time to wait after using color oops before bleaching. 

Why The Ten Days and Not Immediately?

why wait ten days

You can bleach your hair ten days following the day after you got rid of the pre-existent artificial hair with Color Oops.

We do not advise on this period for the sake of it. Here are the reasons why you will need to wait until they are done. 

After a color oops, the hair shaft is fully open, it tends to absorb anything that is applied to the hair.

Therefore, bleaching soon enough may cause the bleaching agent to be quickly absorbed which will make the hair appear far much darker. 

Also, waiting for ten days allows you time to conduct a restorative hair treatment process.

Furthermore, it is a tested and proven recommendation that it is best if you wait for ten days before bleaching. 

bleaching hair

Step-by-Step Guide To Bleach Your Hair After Using Color Oops

After patiently waiting for ten days you become free to apply that bleach you have been longing for if you still want to.

Below is a step-by-step guide to bleaching your hair from home. 

Tip: Your hair must be healthy if it is to be bleached. 

Step #1: Prepare Your Hair

prepare hair

Preparation for bleaching starts on the day you use color oops to get rid of the existent color with color oops.

From that day henceforth, clean and process your hair irregularly.

During this time, desist from using heat to style your hair and refrain from engaging in activities that make your hair lose its moisture. 

This includes the use of shampoos and washing the hair regularly. How you treat your hair at this time will have a hand in the results you get. 

Do it right, and will end up with beautiful and especially bleached hair, fail and things will fall apart for you, you will regret taking that course and that should not be the case.

Step #2: Condition The Hair

condition hair

Conditioning hair must be done with a lot of agility too, starting ten days before the bleaching day. Use homemade masks preferably to air condition the oil. 

In the meantime, if you still feel like you cannot condition your hair by yourself right, then let your stylist do it for you.

There should be no faults during the hair conditioning stage 

Step #3: Gather Bleaching Supplies

gather bleaching supplies

To bleach your hair, you will need the following: A bleaching powder, peroxide, tinting brush, hand gloves, face mask, shower cap, shampoo, toner, proteinous conditioner, and a mixing bowl. 

However, you also need to put your health in mind, if you are highly allergic to any products, then perhaps you should careful with the use of any of these supplies.

Read through the instructions and indications for use to figure out whether there could be any underlying side effects to a certain group of people and relate it to yourself. 

Step #4: Section The Hair

section hair

Once you have all relevant assets assembled, put on your protective gear, that is the face mask and the hand gloves.

Then divide your hair into three to four sizable equals. Straighten your hair quite well while partitioning it.  

Step #5: Mix

mix the bleach

Then, mix the two bleaching agents. Those are the bleaching powder and the peroxide or developer.

Two developer parts must be mixed in one bleacher report. Mix until there aren’t any visible lumps.

Step #6: Apply The Bleach

apply the bleach

Apply the bleach into the hair making sure that it reaches all parts and corners of your head.

Once done, cover it with a shower cap and wait for another 30 minutes for the bleacher to take effect.

Step #7: Wash And Rinse

wash rinse hair

Wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo after 45 minutes and rinse at least thrice until all the bleach is gone.  Then leave it to dry.

Tip: Do not use a blow dryer to dry the hair, instead leave it to dry by itself in time.


In this article, we have expressly answered the question, “Can you bleach your hair after using Color Oops?”. 

So if you will be bleaching your hair a few days after using Color Oops, then you happened to be reading this, so learn to be patient.

I tell you, it pays to, and if you can’t, then it is just a matter of time before you realize you should have. 

Do not get to that, you can bleach your hair after Color Oops, but let that wait for at least ten days following the use of color oops.

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